Staycold was the first manufacturer to bring natural refrigerants to the commercial market back in 1998 when we were appointed as exclusive supplier to Scottish and Newcastle’s pub estate. At the time we were pioneers and most people wondered what all the fuss was about. Times have changed, and today the Corporate Social Responsibility Policies of our major customers demand sustainability and neutrality.

Why does it matter? The reason it matters is that natural refrigerants are not only zero ODP (Ozone Depleting) but also have negligible GWP (Global Warming Potential). This is a big environmental advantage. The potentially negative aspect is that the refrigerant is flammable and that is why there is caution in respect of the amount of gas that can go into any one appliance. That said, the safety record is excellent.

Presently, there is a practical limit to the maximum refrigerant charge size that imposes a restriction at 150 grams and this limits the size of appliance that we can manufacture. Larger cabinets have to use a gas called R134a which has a relatively high Global Warming Potential (1600 as opposed to 3).

The good news is that the charge size limit is currently undergoing expert review and Staycold has joined the list of consultees. If successful, this may see the limit increased up to as much as 500 grams.

Staycold will keep its customers informed of any further developments in this regard.