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Rhino Spare Parts

Browse through the Rhino List of Spare Parts. If you are looking for a new model, browse our Rhino Back Bar Coolers. If you know the model number of your fridge, click below for a list of its spare parts.

If you are unsure which model you own, please feel free to email or call us at +44 (0) 1244 321 320.

Back Bar Coolers

1st gen Rhino (Pre-2012) Rhino GreenSense (2012- ... )        Rhino GreenSensePlus (2012 - ... )
Rhino Madrid Spares Rhino Cold 600H Spares Rhino Milan 600 Spares
Rhino Milan Spares Rhino Cold 900H Spares Rhino Monaco 900H Spares
Rhino Monaco-H Spares Rhino Cold 900S Spares Rhino Monaco 900S Spares
Rhino Monaco-S Spares Rhino Cold 1350H Spares  Rhino Oslo 1350H Spares
Rhino Oslo-H Spares Rhino Cold 1350S Spares Rhino Oslo 1350S Spares
Rhino Oslo-S Spares   Rhino Moscow SGD300 Spares
     Rhino Toronto SGD500 Spares

Upright Display Coolers

Rhino Uprights    
Rhino BC80 Spares    
Rhino BC110 Spares    
Rhino Cold578T Spares    
Rhino Moscow-298    
Rhino Toronto-458    

Counter-top Coolers

Rhino Cold 426CT Spares  
Rhino Cold 430CT Spares  

Juice Dispensers

Rhino RJD1 Spares    Rhino RJD2 Spares    Rhino RJD3 Spares

Gas/Paraffin Powered Coolers

Parts List