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Bar Bottle Coolers

If you’re browsing for bar equipment, you may find it hard to choose between the many brands and models of bottle coolers. They all offer the basics – bottling cooling with a glass display door. But what are the differences between ones that cost less than £200 and those costing around £600 and over?

You start off by asking – what do all bottle coolers deliver and what do I get by paying more? Well, the market is flooded by cheap brands that take cost-cutting to the extreme. They may use plastic shelves and plastic interiors that crack easily and look very unattractive to your customers. Unbranded components and outdated technology make them inefficient and very environmentally unfriendly.

So what sort of features do you need to look for in back bar bottle coolers?

Firstly, how many bottles or cans are you looking to display? These coolers normally come in one, two or three doors. The space you have behind the bar dictates if you need sliding or hinged doors. Look out for self-closing doors on hinged models; they’re a life saver on a busy night. In tighter spaces, you might want to check if the cooler comes right or left hinged.

Capacity is a big deciding factor in your purchase – this will vary with the number of shelves a cooler can take. A good manufacturer will be able to tell you how many shelves will be optimum for the type of drink you will be displaying. Two and Three door models also sometimes come in split shelving – which would allow you to display multiple types of bottle and can sizes, making the best use of space.

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Also look out for features such as door locks, metal door handles and a condenser that is less prone to dust. These features will come in handy in the long-term. Aluminium interiors make bottles look more attractive and chrome aluminium shelving not only improve looks, but last longer.

The most difficult aspects you may look out for in a back bar cooler lie underneath its skin. The various components determine its efficiency, cooling speed and accuracy, environmental friendliness and longevity. Look out for unbranded components – it is normally a sign of a cheap product. For example – Rhino’s new EBMPapst EC technology fans not only last twice as long, they use 70% less energy. You will also want to check what insulation it provides - key words are “cyclopentane insulation”, “Low E glass Doors”, “R600a natural refrigerant” and “LED lights”. Our Green sense plus website gives a detailed explanation of energy efficient components and features that make a huge difference to your long term costs – both in energy bills and maintenance costs.

We invite you to browse our extensive range of back bar coolers – our models all provide various energy efficient and long life features and components. The Rhino Cold range offer value for money quality back bar coolers, while our Rhino GreensensePlus models are the market leaders in energy efficiency and quality. Their increasing popularity is no doubt due to the massive savings they offer in the long term.

Please feel free to contact Staycold via our Contact Us page or on +44 (0) 1244 321 320 – our team is very happy to help you with anything you need to know about back bar coolers.

The Rhino GreenSense Plus bottle cooler - The Monaco 900 - has been named the UK's most efficient double door bottle cooler, beating the next best competitor by over 40% efficiency, up to 71% energy savings.