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Gravity Feed Shelving

Leading brands require to be displayed in cabinets that reflect the character and investment in the consumer product. An effective merchandising system is integral to the brand promise and a tidy display not only looks better but sells more. Plannogram adherence is encouraged by the use of branded shelf edge ticket strips and adjustable dividers mean that pack sizes can be accommodated on the same shelf. The exclusive Rhino system can be colour coded to underline brand presence while LED under-lighting can be specified to further entice the shopper. The addition of a roller track is ideal for pre-wrapped multi-packs or spring-loaded pushers can be used for small items.

 Gravity Feed Shelving


Feature and Benefits

  • Fully customisable system to fit any product merchandising application
  • Unique wave surface increases efficiency and product flow and presentation
  • Retro-fit to existing cabinet fleets, OEM rollouts or retail cold vault units
  • Low profile design to maximise shelf space and product access
  • Gravity, Roller or spring loaded push feed in the same shelf span if required
  • Designed in Australia and manufactured for the domestic and global market
  • Cost optimised to maximise your return on investment


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