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Commercial Bottle Coolers

Staycold are the UK's leading manufacturers of commercial bottle coolers. Rhino bottle coolers are by far the most powerful and energy efficient on the market.

By no coincedence, being the most efficient bar cooler range on the market also gives it a large number of advantages, namely:

  • Market leading Energy Saving - the Rhino Monaco 900H is 43% more efficient than the next best bottle cooler alternative
  • Extended longevity of product parts - Using top brand components makes Rhino coolers last longer:
    • EC fans lifetime is twice as long
    • LED lights last longer than traditional tube lights
    • Rhino Fan motors last longer and theoretically save up to £240 over 5 years in servicing costs
  • Higher Performance - Rhino coolers are M1 performance, making them the more powerful in the market. This means that beers chilled in Rhino bottle coolers are colder.


Recent independent research has confirmed Rhino as the most powerful and energy efficient bottle coolers in the UK. The results showed that buying a Rhino GreenSensePlus model saves from £54-£184 in energy costs every year. Please visit our bottle cooler product page for more information about our products.

Commercial Bottle Coolers