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Branded Coolers

We have branded coolers for many years. Instead of telling you all about it, how about showing you?

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Branding Services

Product Selection:

In the modern market place, the choice of products can be bewildering. Staycold has a series of well developed tools to help guide you to the most cost effective choice for your brand roll out, or to meet the needs of your retail sites. Just tell us about your product packaging, the application you have in mind and the market channel in which you are looking to increase sales. We will provide you with expert advice and a shortlist of product solutions.


Improvements in modern digital printing now mean even relatively short runs have become economical which is great news for brand marketers who are looking to test concepts prior to roll out. New materials have also increased the scope for creativity in brand presentation. Involve Staycold early in your brand development process so we can help you choose creative ideas that are capable of being mass produced reliably and at a cost which is justifiable and affordable.

Shelving and Gravity Feed:

Staycold uses an innovative and flexible gravity feed shelving solution that is easily adapted to various pack sizes. Shelf pushers, embedded rollers, adjustable side walls, Staycold has a solution to suit your packaging.


Staycold and its logistics partners can roll out a brand launch in days. Equipment can be tracked and traced, asset registered on our database and performance managed.

Maintenance and Service:

Staycold’s network of authorized repairers will quickly attend to faults and service issues. Our large stock of spare parts will ensure that first time fix rates are pushed up. Staycold is a consistently high scorer in score card surveys by firms such as SGP.

End of Life Disposal and Recycling:

Staycold Export Ltd. is a member of a compliance scheme under which we can discharge obligations in respect of WEEE.

Independently Assessed Insurances, Accreditations and Certifications:

In today’s litigious world, Staycold is aware that our customers expect us to meet high standards of corporate governance and to be there as a robust back stop in case of problems. Staycold Export Ltd. is an Altius assured vendor ( which underlines our fitness to supply your business.

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