The Rhino Monaco 900S has been added to the Energy Technology List meaning that buyers may claim a 100% first year capital allowance. Simply put, this means that you can write down the whole cost of the cabinet in year 1, as opposed to waiting 5 years as would normally be the case under Revenue rules. This produces a cash flow advantage for your business. It’s easy to claim too. Just tick the box on your Corporation Tax return.

More important than the tax advantage, is what being approved The Energy Technology List actually says about the product. The biggest cost of the cabinet is not what you spend to buy it, but what you pay to run it.  To get a product listed, Rhino has to have the cabinet tested by an independent test house, to the same standard as every other manufacturer. This includes door openings and tries to simulate real life conditions. Everybody is subject to the same test, so you as the buyer can compare suppliers on a level playing field.

It’s no surprise that Rhino has the most efficient products with the lowest running costs……and the differences are huge… much as £184 per year between the most and least efficient back bar. The Monaco 900 Sliding door chiller is the number 1 sliding door cabinet with the lowest running cost of all the competitors.


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