Fridge ready for the scrap heap? See what happens when Staycold takes it away...

When the day comes for your old faithful Staycold to be disposed of, what actually happens to it and how much eventually gets recycled or re-used? Watch the video below to see happens as the fridge begins its recycling journey.

As each of us in our daily lives strive to do the right thing from an environmental perspective, it’s good to know that Staycold is helping its customers to lower their environmental impacts. As the first beverage cooler manufacturer to have had products added to the Carbon Trust’s Energy Technology List, Staycold has long been aware of the advantages of reducing the power consumption of its appliances. However this is not the whole story and Staycold is working hard to improve the circularity of its products. The company has always had a focus upon high quality components from top brand name suppliers such as Meanwell and EBM Papst but we also take great care to recycle the cabinets that have reached the end of their working life.

Staycold’s Managing Director Ed Jonas commented:

“The video clip shows how we reclaim and destroy any harmful substances such as HFC’s and CFC’s to avoid them being released to the atmosphere. It also shows how the various individual metals, glass and plastics get separated and then sold onwards in the value chain to be re-purposed in other products or processes. This is a real life demonstration of the ‘Circular Economy’ at work and Staycold is a vital conduit. ”